Saint Glinglin, Dalkey Archive

PressLocos, Dalkey Archive Press

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ape, Dalkey Archive Press

But for the Lovers, Dalkey Archive Press

Inviting the Muses, Dalkey Archive Press


Published Works

2001                         Holiday Greeting Card, Art Institute of Chicago

Illustrations supplied for covers of the following works published by Dalkey Archive Press, Normal, IL:

• Locos, by Filipe Alfau, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ape, by Michael Butor

• Lyric of the Circle Heart, by William Eastlake

• The Princess of 72nd Street, by Elaine Kraf

• But for the Lovers, by Wilfredo Toledo

• Inviting the Muses, by Marguerite Young

• Saint Glinglin, by Raymond Queneau