Spot – 2012

Mixed-media site specific work.
Assistants:  Alyssa Richards, Derek Ter Vree
SiTE:LAB, Blanford Nature Center, Grand Rapids, MI

Spot consists of dots that mark a path from the parking lot to a foot bridge overlooking a ravine.  While the path created a sense of anticipation, it delivered nothing but more of the same en masse.  A dotted line leading to a site of no particular significance functions not only as a commentary about lack of engagement with our environment, but also upon the absurdity of maps which provide subjects with a highly schematized description of place and space.

A dotted line can function as an indicator of movement or progression to a place—in this case it purposively leads to a site of no purpose. The entire project acts as an interruption to one’s expectations.

Gypsum not only contrasted with the forest floor, but referenced the importance of this material to the economy of Grand Rapids. Since gypsum is organic and used to condition soil, the “dots” were left to dissolve with the elements.